Which Digital Photo Frame Should You Buy?

Which Digital Photo Frame Should You Buy?

In our current collection, we now have a range of 5 different digital photo frames to choose from. Here, we'll compare and contrast each one and break down all of the key features to help you decide which is the perfect fit.

The Acrylic Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame:

This frame is one of the latest in our collection with us introducing it in February 2024. what specifically sets this frame apart is the brand new modern look this provides, taking a step away from our traditional wooden designs. This would ideally fit into a home or office space with lighter colours like grey or white where the clear element of the acrylic can help blend into the environment and really make it look natural. Alongside this, this Wi-Fi frame also has a USB port in the back, allowing for upload via a USB drive instead of our wooden frames which require Micro SD upload.

The Motion Detection Black Frame:

This picture frame is our latest and most cost effective option in our collection. This frame not only still features the latest Frameo software (which is regarded as the IOS of software in the frame industry) but it also features USB upload and SD card availability, a feature not seen on any of our other frames! It comes with a classic black design which makes it easy to fit into any room you choose to, alongside a 10.1 inch LCD display which allows for both photos and videos.

The Oak Wood Digital Photo Frame:

When designing this product, we thought about what is the best digital photo frame to go inside of a house? And Oak Wood was our answer. With many houses having a lot of wooden furniture, it makes the most sense to provide an option which most people would best suit. This is definitely the best option if you are looking to add a frame into your living room or bedroom. With the Frameo app also being so easy to use and show off, it is a guaranteed compliment receiver from any member of the family or any guests which come round. This also pairs perfectly with our Bamboo 3-In-1 Wireless charger, making this an absolute bedside essential.

The Black Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame:

This was our first ever product we made available to buy and has absolutely been our most popular digital picture frame of 2024. The design is timeless, having a black wood-like outline, a 10.1 inch LCD display, 2024 updated Frameo software, Micro-SD Card upload and now with the latest update (this is universal over all our frames) you can upload straight from a computer using a USB-C cable into the power port! Making sharing your precious memories from your laptop even easier and not just from your phone. This would be your best option as an all round frame if you maybe don't have an exact location in mind due to it being such a universally beautiful design.

The Grey Wood Digital Photo Frame:

Last, but certainly not least is one of our favourite frames in our portfolio. The Grey Wood combined with the black insert by the screen actually makes this our largest frame by total size. Making it one of the most stand-out pieces. The grey colouring would make it perfect for any home with a modern look and would especially fit into a kitchen atmosphere and would most certainly garner some good attention. 


In conclusion, it really comes down to your own personal situation, your environment and your desire for certain features. Click the links above and have a browse through each product individually to decide which design would be a perfect fit for you!

Find them all in one place in our Digital Photo Frames Category here.