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2 products

Why You Should Be Switching To USB-C Charging...

  • Massively Increase Charging Speed

    With the massive jump in charging technology, the newest USB-C cables can now support a power delivery of up to 240W!

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  • Universal Compatability

    With Apple now making the jump with the latest model, the IPhone 15, this charging method is now being used by nearly all major brands for all of their products.

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  • Improved Data Transfer Speed

    Type-C delivers a 10Gbps data transfer rate. This makes it more than 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and twice as fast as USB 3.0. Making it a much more efficient option.

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Why Switch To A Smart Home?

  • Your Home, Unified.

    Bring all your products together into one main hub! We offer a massive range of smart home products which use the apps Tuya or SmartLife.

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  • Save Time, Save Money

    Our products allow you to be a lot more energy efficient, whilst also providing a much more fluid and simplistic home system where you are truly in control.

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  • Monitor Your Home Properly

    With a number of surveillance options, you can cover every inch of your house and be re-assured that your loved-ones are safe and secure.

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