Which LED Lamp Should You Buy in 2024?

Which LED Lamp Should You Buy in 2024?

Our current collection features 6 different LED lamps to choose from. In this post, we will break down the key features of each one and compare and contrast them to help you come to a conclusion and find your perfect match.

The G Lamp:

This lamp was our most popular LED lamp we sold in 2023, reaching the top 10 lamps on Amazon at Christmas time. It is simple and effective, it features a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charging and 7 different variations of RGB lighting. With both a black and white option plus an exclusive matte black colour option on the way soon, its sleek and universal style is really unmatched.

The O Lamp:

The O Lamp is our adaptation on the already successful G Lamp. It features a unique, updated 2024 set of RGB lighting with a new impressive array of colour modes, fast wireless charging, a 24hr alarm clock, an improved dual Bluetooth speaker plus a USB port in the back. This is one of our best all round LED lamps and will certainly be a best selling lamp of 2024. The Matte black colour is unseen across the market and adds a sophisticated edge to the product, making it a perfect gift for teenagers and young adults.

The C Lamp:

This is without a doubt the best 3 in 1 wireless charger on offer at the moment. A MagSafe wireless charging pad, an Apple watch charger and a pad for the AirPods or other wireless charging earphones, combined with the latest 2024 colour modes for the lighting completely set this product apart in terms of all round efficiency. If you are looking for both a lamp and a 3 in 1 charger, then look no further than this. It's perfect for a bedside table or even an office desk, both black and white options help it blend into any theme.

The LED Desk Lamp:

This Desk Lamp may not be the flashiest of our collection but sometimes simplicity can be king. This was one of the first products we brought out in our first collection and has been a fan favourite since. The lamp element has 3 different hues of white style lighting, making it the ultimate Night Light as it functions perfectly for a reading light, removing the need to use a harsh ceiling light. It has a dimmable alarm clock so you wont be disturbed during the night and a wireless charging pad to keep your phone powered in the morning.

LED G Light:

We added this lamp into our collection for a whole bunch of reasons. After seeing this lamp all over platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Amazon, we thought it would only be right to offer this to our valued customers also! With app control, 24hr alarm clock, wireless charging, dual Bluetooth audio and speed varying light modes with brightness control, you really cant go wrong! Of all of our RGB lights, this one definitely has the most features available and for the price point, it is an option you should definitely consider.

The Conch Music Lamp:

This lamp is one of the more quirky and unique lamps you will find out there. The shape of the lamp is based off a Conch shell and has a powerful Bluetooth speaker right at the very opening of it. It features app control via the same app as LED G Light and follows the same lighting features plus a 24hr clock on the front. This is a perfect gift for someone who likes home decorations that are a bit out of the norm, and with it being our brightest LED light, it is the right fit if you are looking for something to fill a room with bright, vibrant lighting.


All in all, it simply comes down to which features you desire the most out of your lamps and what is going to be the most useful for you! Take a look through each product and analyze both the design and the capabilities and you will most definitely come to a conclusion.

You can check out our full Night Light Collection here...